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10 classic iPhone apps that will die with iOS 11


The next version of iOS is going to kill a lot of apps. In an effort to modernize and de-clutter its App Store, Apple will officially end support for all apps that haven’t been updated to support the newer 64-bit processors that debuted with the iPhone 5S.

As many as 187,000 apps could vanish when the iOS 11 rolls out along with this change, according to estimates from marketing firm Sensor Tower.)

And while many of these apps won’t be missed, iPhone fans stand to lose a number of classics that were among the earliest hits the App Store ever saw. Here’s a look at some of the 32-bit apps we’ll miss the most.

(Importantly, not all of these apps are necessarily doomed developers still have time to make them compatible, and a few of our old favorites, including Great Lightsaber and Ocarina, were updated to 64-bit since we last looked at 32-bit apps in February so there’s reason to hold out hope … for some of these, anyway. )

1. Ridiculous Fishing

Image: vlambeer

It hasn’t been updated in nearly four years, but Ridiculous Fishing is still one of the all-time greats (and #75 on Mashable’s list of the top 100 iPhone apps of all time). The game, which started out as a Flash game before making its way to the App Store, won a coveted Apple Design Award in 2013 so it’s no surprise the super-addictive game still holds up all these years later.

2. Canabalt

Image: last chance media

One of the original endless runners, Canabalt is proof that sometimes the simplest games are the best. The app was updated to support Apple TV in 2014 but, sadly, has not yet been updated to 64-bit yet. Let’s hope that changes soon.

3. Camera Awesome

Image: smug mug

We’re lucky enough now that there are dozens and dozens of excellent photo editing apps out there. But once upon time, there weren’t that many truly powerful mobile image editors. But there was Smug Mug’s Camera Awesome, which allowed you to independently control focus and exposure, make powerful edits, and select from a set of photo filters that put Instagram to shame. Unfortunately, Smug Mug couldn’t keep up with the competition and stopped supporting it a few years ago. Even so, it’s still among the most popular of the old 32-bit apps, according to data from marketing firm Sensor Tower.

4. Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird has been dead for years (RIP) but, believe it or not, there are still quite a few people stubbornly clinging to the app they downloaded before it was pulled. Sadly, if you count yourself among those who happen to still have it, it will no longer work once iOS 11 becomes official. All we can do is hope Dong Nguyen changes his mind (you probably shouldn’t hold your breath, though).

5. Infinity Blade

Image: epic games

Infinity Blade is significant for more reasons than the fact that it remains one of the most-downloaded games in the App Store nearly seven years after it first launched. The app helped show game developers (and the world) what was possible when you combined the Unreal Engine and the iPhone. Yes, Epic Games has made sequels since, but the original remains incredibly popular, even if it may not be much longer for this world (or our iPhones).

6. YouTube Capture

Image: google

This oldie has been left for dead by Google since 2013. Despite that, YouTube Capture, which lets you weave multiple clips from your phone into YouTube-ready videos, still has a quite a following. Of the thousands of 32-bit apps Sensor Tower analyzed, YouTube Capture was in the top three.

7. Pitfall

Image: Activision

The mobile reboot of the arcade classic looks like it will be headed to the big app graveyard come iOS 11. Activision hasn’t touched Pitfall in more than two years despite its more than 74,000 (largely positive) reviews.

8. Jenga

Image: NaturalMotion

The nothing can match the actual blocks, the app version of Jenga is surprisingly popular in the the top 5 among all the 32-bit apps in the App Store, according to Sensor Tower. The UI might be a bit old school but the game is still quite playable at least for now.

9. The Heist

Image: tap tap tap

Surprisingly difficult, The Heist is one of those games that is still fun to pick up even if you haven’t played it for years (not that we blame you it hasn’t been updated sine 2013). The puzzle game shot to the top of the paid App Store charts early on and has managed to maintain a loyal following despite its nonexistent updates.

10. Call of Duty: Zombies


Activision has a few Call of Duty apps languishing in the App Store, but Call of Duty: Zombies last updated in 2010 (!!!) is still astonishingly popular. It remains one of the top action games in the App Store even though it’s been ignored by its creator for more than half a decade. Maybe (we can hope, anyway) its imminent demise will be enough to get the company to breathe new life into the longtime favorite.

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