If Your Partner Has These Apps, They Might Be Cheating On You

Infidelity is not a new trend by any means. People have been cheating on each other since the dawn of time, largely because the moral compass of the human race is not quite as centered as we like to pretend it is!This is off to a cheery start, isn’t it?

The good news is that cheating in the modern age is actually much more difficult than it was back in the day. In the 1800’s, nobody had to cover their tracks because there were no tracks: all a cheater had to do was make sure that their partner didn’t physically see them cheating.But today, we have texts, calls, emails, pictures, GPS, and social media to provide our partner with constant information on our exact whereabouts. This has proved to be a bit of an obstacle for cheaters, as we have all heard story after story of someone being caught cheating when their partner found incriminating texts or saw revealing Snapchats. Technology is advancing every day, though, and people aren’t getting any less sh*tty, so there are now many apps on the market to help a cheater conceal their extracurricular activities. If you see any of these apps on your partner’s phone, you might want to have a little chat …

1. Private Photo

The icon for this app looks like a calculator, but when you open it, it will prompt you to enter a password. If you get the password correct, it will reveal a secret photo library. So how do you differentiate this from a normal calculator app that may innocently be on your partner’s phone? Look for a percentage symbol in the bottom right corner where a division sign would normally be… if you see that, then you know something’s up.

2. Tiger Texts

This app lets users hide their texts by setting a time limit on them (in a similar fashion to Snapchat). The messages sent can not be saved, copied, or forwarded, so it’s the perfect platform for someone to send things they never want to be found.

3. Nosy Trap

Nosy Trap turns the tables and helps the cheaters catch the snoopers. Users enable the app whenever they leave their phone unattended, and it will use the front-facing camera to take a photo of whoever is trying to snoop. It does this by displaying a fake iPhone background that looks completely normal, but if an incorrect passcode is entered, the camera starts rolling.

4. Fox Private Message

This app immediately deletes all messages if the phone is physically shaken. It also allows users to enter a number as a “private contact”, meaning that any messages from that contact will then only go straight to the app instead of through regular messaging.

5. Slydial

This app is for when cheaters are “busy” and don’t want to talk to a partner who is calling. It allows them to call their partner back but ensures that it will go straight to voicemail, so it looks like they tried to call when they really didn’t. Frankly, this could be used in a number of capacities outside of infidelity.

6. Black SMS

This app converts messages into image files that can only be seen when you enter a secret password. It will keep the images black otherwise, so nobody will be able to see any naughty photos but the holder of the password.

7. DateMate

This app is basically a calendar to keep track of mistresses, allowing users to monitor who they’re meeting, when, and where. It also stores contacts, addresses, phone numbers, etc. and even monitors the “date progress” of every encounter so the cheater can remember who he/she likes best… nice!

8. CoverMe

This is the ultimate secret-keeping app. It can recall messages after they’re sent, encrypt them before they’re sent, and can set them to self-destruct. It also keeps all of of the user’s information in an encrypted personal vault, and users can even set up a decoy password.If your partner has this they might be cheating on you, but they also might be a secret CIA operative.

9. Lookout Security & Antivirus

This is the mother of all evidence-destroying apps. It will completely wipe a phone of all information at the press of a button, leaving no trace of any messages, pictures, etc. This app is truly the last line of defense in adulterous secret keeping.

If you consider yourself to be a snooper of sorts, keep these apps in mind next time you’re glancing at your partner’s phone. If you see any of these apps, then someone’s got some ‘splaining to do.Don’t trust us? Then why not let a professional mistress share the clear signs your partner is probably cheating.

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